Alphatech Blue gate analog Brave

Das Quad-Band GSM Gateway Blue Gate Brave ermöglicht den Betrieb mit einer analogen Telefonanlage oder einem analogen Telefon.

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  • Dimensions 100mm x 130 mm x 37 mm
  • 8-12VAC/DC Supply, 500 mA
  • additional back-up battery for about 12 hours of operation
  • BlueGate is the normal state properties of lines
  • operation on 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequencies
  • Additional USB interface for use as a GSM modem (data, SMS program, SMS, Mail, etc.)
  • parameter setting as the gate with your phone and PC (via USB accessory)
  • tariffication 16/12 KHz
  • Dial DTMF tone t> 30 ms
  • change the polarity on the line when they establish / terminate the connection
  • backward compatibility with MiniGate


  • 9 memories of allowed directions call
  • enable / disable roaming
  • Limitation of call duration
  • Timestamps in the call
  • Sending SMS to a preset telephone number to fall below a specified threshold power, lasting longer than a specified amount of time
  • Sending SMS to a preset telephone number each time you log on to the GSM network
  • Sending SMS to a preset telephone number at more than a set number of rings the gateway (for calls) without picking up
  • Sending SMS to a preset telephone number when changing the input lasting longer than a specified time (optional expansion – board inputs)
  • Periodic sending SMS status in the selected interval 1-30 days. SMS includes: time and date of departure (the time set on the clock gate – Local / GSM), GSM network status, voltage supply, temperature, GSM module, the last number dialed. (Optional extension – a program through)

– CD mit Anleitung und Einrichtungsprogram
– Netzteil (12V o. 9V)
– 1x GSM Antenne


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